A blue Moji?

Sometimes this little guy shows up in Dungeons and Missions. I can’t catch this monster sadly but the Moji I caught looked different. This is definitely red and not blue! What’s the difference? :thinking:


It was a gift during last year anniversary.

They made “shiny” versions of a few monsters but it didn’t catch on because the monsters needed to be potted separately. You can see a few of them in the monsterdex (1249-1260). They made a shiny Moji which they gave out to everyone on the 3rd anniversary of the game.

Aw man… I know a Moji is not that strong, but a Shiny Moji looks nice. Are there a few other Shinys you can catch on the Map or only in Events/Eggs? I heard about Shiny Monster before but I trough it was a joke. So it is really true!

There are no other shinys you can catch on the map, but you have a small chance of getting a shiny if you hatch a monster that has a shiny version, some are: Green Tridrakhan, beige Taloknight, Black Shadowhunter, Black and Red Hydroloch or the red Kamiwyrm.

And A light pink Tiazmus

More like white :thinking:

The shiny versions of these monsters should be skins for the regular versions

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White then? It seemed Pink with my lighting

I think it got risky heal all which have a chance to survive after healing all mons