3rd Account Giveaway

I’m going to be giving away my 3rd account that I just found that I had today. (I think I was drunk when I played it).

Anyway, to give back to this amazing community, I will be giving it away.

I leave this up for 24 hours and then I’ll PM the winner.

Leave a comment on why you want it and you will be entered.

See Pic for all Legends in that account.

Hi Habs. I want it because of Valorpup. I tryed to get him about 11 nonths since his release and that’s why i want this acc. I will best care for it and build a good team and don’t abandon these cool legends. Looking forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile:

Ya pls give it away to someone who needs it more

Althouse acc hasn’t valzareign. But this acc is really nice i’ve played it 1 week. And i need an acc yet.
Please accept my wish to get valzareign( i know he is weak but i unimaginable loveing him). I have did much things wwhere i’m not proud (e.g. althouse acc)but i only do these things for valzareign. If i get a valza acc, with Althouse’s permission i gove his 2nd acc away to a good player which need it.

I got a nice hatch this special egg: http://imgur.com/a/DMAul


So you get a great account from a great player, play it for 1 week (while you got the account like 1-2 monthes ago), and think you gonna play this account much more only because it got vlaza? (Which by the way is pretty bad compare to other legends)

It doesnt sound you love this game, nor respect the players who you ask them the account from. Even if you do get this amazing acount (not because valza…), you will leave it after 2 weaks top.

All I read is „I am an ungrateful son of a b…“

Habs you didnt give away your first account right, as in you still have your best account that you can or still do play with… im wondering not beacuse i wdepeseretly want it or should have it, but because I havent heard from you in a while in our very information rich and mature trainers lounge chat
Or specifically i miss habs and our all loved drunk habs :wink:

His first account is gone wolf giappo got it

I don’t want to be killjoy, but giving/selling/trading account is forbidden in public.