10 - The Drone Wolf

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Don Penguini

Hey guys, it’s me again! The title tells it all, Gearwolf will be a ferocious hitter here. In all honesty…I hate Gearwolf. It’s metal and dark. It’s fragile. It’ll get a few hits in…it’ll die easily. So consider this your warning…to many of the veterans, it’s terrible…However, I made this to run damage control, to improve the chances of winning for those who are set on using it…

To begin with, you’ve got your standard “GRRRRR” opening team. Your opponent can be foolish and use an AoE, allowing you to stun the opposing team and then hit strategically and heavily. Or they can play it smart and go for Subzeratops. This would obviously be a logical move. But that would mean that Gremknight is alive…sp, it’s Haste time! WHOO! It’s one of the most useful moves in the game. Anyways, this would also mean that Chopperbug is left alive, so you can scramble happily.

If possible, you should definitely have Subzeratops use Guardian for when Geary comes out. If your whole team gets wiped out, that would mean that your opponents would have used a lot of TU and get stunned, no? And, since Gearwolf has impressive speed, you would then be able to do whatever with it.

In an ideal world, you’d be able to No Guard and then pummel. However, even if that doesn’t happen, he’s still a very powerful hitter. Him being in between two tanks is also no mistake. And even if he fails, Subzeratops and Goldenhorn can go on the offense as well.

Okay, okay…you had your fun with Mr. Wolfy. Now what? A good session of fire. Army Flame to your heart’s content. But then the time will come when your monsters will get defeated. Then what? You now have a tank and minespider. Therefore, your main objective is to protect, Metallize, and blow em up.

But what happens if Minespider gets killed? Fear not! Thanks to his stun skin, one of your opponent’s monsters will be stunned. Now you’ve got a mostly (if not completely) immobilized team that you can hit heavily with Destructor.

Once again, we end with a combo that you must be sick of seeing. Please understand that this may be overused, but it really is a fantastic combo. You hit hard with Omegawyrm. Once it dies, you can sacrifice until you get Don Penguini out. Then you showdown. If Raioh dies, you’ve stunned the enemies, letting you use offering. Otherwise, you can use Stun Gift and then AoE with Angelon or hit with Anubis’ Ally Holy. Then you offer and showdown. Blah blah blah, you get the idea.

Isnt it a little risky putting barricadus and gearwolf together? They’re both metal and they’re both shadow arks. You’re practically begging the enemy to bombard you with holy attacks and metal slashes.

Other than that this seems solid.

Oh yeee. One sec, lemme change some stuff real quick.

Edit: fixed, thanks. I guess I’m a little too tired. Ahahaha n.n

Easy to tell that you’re tired. Very positive subzeratops doesn’t have last will lol. But still, team looks better though.

Edit: Sorry if I’m being nitpicky on these things :slight_smile:

Gah. Fixed it. Man, am I out of it. Lol. I thought I deleted that, but oh well.

Not at all! Thanks for pointing it out. I wouldn’t have realized it otherwise :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: