¿Why is this happening?,

Can someone explain to me why this happens to me? I didn’t do anything

Almost every guilty player says “I didn’t do anything”. Do you have any ideas of what you could have done?

Sounds like you purposefully lost loads of battles before ranked PvP to get yourself facing easier opponents.

Well it’s clear you lost matches to face noobs

But didn’t we all give free wins specially during the play five matches a day to get a gem feature I mean some of us completed 100 wins quickly and didn’t want to waste time

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I was one of them, I gave many free victories to get the gem, but my idea was never to face people “easier”, I only aimed at the free gem :sweat_smile:


I haven’t done anything that you don’t do :eyes: so they unfairly take off my top

Let the devs tell the exact reason losing battle in this PvP seems legit and almost every one did that

There are many who lose on purpose so that they also get "Easy "Example of this: One KillerDog, One Upertrax, Yumi and like them there are many because they take the top off me and it? Interesting question, right?


Many do it but they only see what the f2p do

Lets not make this thread a p2w vs f2p let the devs reply .


I have idea

so my opinion is that they should modify “Play 5 battles per day to obtain 1 gem” modify it to → “Win 5 battles per day and obtain 1 gem” …

On the other hand I still don’t understand how matchmaking works? All difficult people touch me, however, others find them all easy … I read in another post that exu said it was random … And in truth I don’t know what will have happened in this particular case, but really the pairing is something that must be solved …

Does anyone really know how pairing works? I have that question and nobody answers it with certainty


Are you asking what you did to get yourself disqualified from PvP or just throwing around accusations at other players in the community!?!

You need to contact the support team if you have any questions, as the message tells you to. Since you don’t want to engage in polite conversation with the community this thread will be closed.

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