Who has obtained the special icon from bond quest

Ah Jesus, it’s Kindergarten again:

@NMEGaryOak please don’t call people delusional even when you got attacked first.

@TheDucktator please stay out of this. It’s none of your business.

@TheLokitator please don’t react to duck. He just tries to pour oil into the fire.

@everyone: please Just continue to discuss bond thingy icons.

Thanks for listening to my Ted talk.



Thank you for protecting me @Guesswhosback it hurts my feelings when @TheLokitator is mean to me


Don’t push it, Gary :joy:

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Am I allowed to get my vengeance against @TheLokitator in PvP and GG him sarcastically in the slaughtered thread

As as fascist mod I will arbitrarily decide that when I see your post. It may depend on how my morning coffee tasted on that day or something like that.


You sound more Italian than German

Opinion @DMGInterference ?

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Absolutely take what Gary said as an insult


You hurt my feelings @NMEGaryOak


When in Rome

Or in Paris

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This would be better if there a supershell icon within it right??



We are all cosmic garbage tbh

I was joking too So @TheDucktator @NMEGaryOak @Guesswhosback I did a 3 in 1! Everyone Bit on hook

Let him do it, I am and I accept it, I know I may seem normal but I’m a ■■■■■■■ crazy and I’m not worried about others saying it, tbh it’s a compliment lol

Don’t worry, I don’t fall for my own tricks, I also know that he does it to show his uncontrollable love for me :heart:

Loki: falls for the joke
also Loki: I knew it was a joke all along!

If you actually were playing along you wouldn’t need to spend this much effort justifying yourself


No I’m pretty sure he understood Gary’s post as a temptation to talk trash to one another, so he took that bait but the second line (asking why Gary awakened Nightingale) is meant to make Gary sound silly. However, Gary sidestepped that and left Loki looking like the fool (as Gary often cleverly does). The moderators took it all a bit seriously.

Regardless, let’s keep this thread as a place to talk about the player icons (particularly from bond quest).

Yeah a supershell icon would’ve been cool!

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A clever move, right?

It’s just to entertain me and not fall asleep at school btw i sleep like 2h today in the school loool

Damn I only slept for 90 minutes during my free period and lunch break

WoW KILLERDOG for president of EUA!!!

U are more smart than duck but the real big brain is @DMGInterference