Where to catch levintoline??

I have searched everywhere but i cant seem to find him:(

Kawazu wetlands. Towards the start of the map from the direction you arrive from rigland central plains.

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Thanks man

Bro,I still didn’t know where Levintoline at.Would you mind to give more detail information?

Who is a levintoline

I can’t remember exactly which Bush it is but look carefully at all bushes near mystic gate and you should find it!

Later he will evolve into a Levintoline when he’s got enough xp.

Thanks mate :3 btw do you make youtube videos? Because I saw a youtuber name Exuuman that make EverTale content

Btw was it Unique?

Yep that’s me :sweat_smile:

Yes it is unique.

Aight Thanks mate :3 Its inside Mystic Gate right…Btw Im a fans

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Yep just go to Kawazu wetlands mystic gate and look for a shaking bush

Ummm… I have been looking inside for moving bushes for 10 minutes but there are still no movement :cactus:

It’s in a corner towards south west

Nevermind guys I just lost my level 43 acc because I deleted the app on purpose…I deleted the game because I think it was broken then I saw professor oak said it was at the corner of the map :confused:

That’s insane thing to do… dint u note down the restore code

Didnt know there was Restore code that time

Why delete the game over levintone

I thought my game was broken bcause I didnt encounter the Levinwolf bush

I cought levinwolf but the next time I got on he was gone. Can i catch him again?