Where is the other log in bonus?

Ive only been getting one bonus now… I used to get two different ones…

The starskie login bonus isn’t appearing for me

You don’t get a bonus every day, only every couple of days for the cumulative bonus. As such, it doesn’t always show. You can still see it on the daily bonus page by looking to the bottom right hand corner and clicking where it says ‘Next Cumilative Bonus’. At any rate, it will appear again as soon as you earn another reward.

It is only every day for cumulative login for the first 7 days. After that it’s one after every 5 days.

Oh okay that makes sense. Thank you guys very much!

Still it would be nice to get some feedback that you’re still on the right track. Like a calendar checkbox or something…? 

I also tried pressing ‘Next Cumulative bonus’ but the screen just closed and I didn’t get any pop-up afterwards, so that’s also something to look at.