What happens to the gems paid at the shrine

What happens to the gems paid at the shrine, do they disappear? remain ? Or do they transform into normal gems?
I mean when you duplicate

The duplicated gems are normal and your paid gems will remain same as before !

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But if I use paid gems to double the paid ones, they become normal, right?

Actually let me explain this
You bought 100 gems
Did fortune shrine and got 700 gems
But still you will have only 100 paid gems !

I bought 578 gems, I had 150 and now I have 800 so, my paid gems when they doubled have gone down and now I only have 290 paid

If you have 500 gems, 50 of it is paid gems, if you will get 600 gems from the shrine after offering 500, 550 of those is free gems and the 50 paid gems will still be there

I repeat, 450 free gems and 50 paid gems, I do shrine and they give me 650 gems, are my paid gems there? NO, I ask because then it is never advisable to go below 500 gems when you become a shrine

Maybe you hatched using your paid gems… haha… based on my experience it wont get lost… done it a few times… if it was indeed lost, pm the devs

I bought 584 paid gems, spent 20 on paid gem banners and now I have 284 paid gems only

Is it possible that it is because I bought the gems on the double gem sale day? When on double gem day you buy 300 (the maximum package) how many count as paid gems? 300 or 150?

Yes that’s probably it. The bonus gems you get when it’s “double gems” are counted as free gems.