What happen in new Mini update o.o?

I try to check why the Mini update but dont find nothing ): and whats black beast? O.o

I try to check why the Mini update but dont find nothing ): and whats black beast? O.o

I’d advise on doing the latest story chapter, you might just find some clues to the black beast there

helion buddy play the last chapter

I played the chapter 6 but i never read about it… Just play :frowning: plz say me x.x

Do the final battle of chapter 7, Gilgam gives you a full run through of what’s going on. Oh yeah, and you get to see the black beast’s disguise revealed too.

How looks this black beast? Post a screenshot plz.

We don’t know yet.

We just know he is this. . .thing. . .

Cool mysterious! Excited what this beast is.

Well so far, this is what we’ve got. They don’t actually have a full design worked out yet, but this should narrow it down a fair bit. Certainly very little doubt that it’s a dragon from the looks of it. Interesting to note that none of the First ones are actually dragons. The fact that the Black beast is in fact a dragon and they aren’t does seem to kind of put emphasis on him being a more powerful being than them, since dragons tend to be a symbol of superior strength, kind of like what an NPC said in one of the Island villages. Just a cool little detail. And before you say it, I honestly see Ziberius as more of a dinosaur than a dragon, just seems more appropriate since he’s a living skeleton(a.k.a. a fossil), the ice part is quite relevant too. At the very least he’s not a full flesh and blood dragon unlike our friend Kairus here. As for Terregar, he’s more of a snake monster than a dragon.


Devs, you had better not be preparing a black beast festival egg. . . :stuck_out_tongue:

Their not, their preparing a special egg

Where is this update/post you guys are talking about? I’m really intrigued now!

I still wondering what the mini update did. In Play Store is usually the information - if you tap on Neo Monsters - what the last update had for functions. But atm there is no information about the update. And last chapter i haven’t reached in my old acc only the chapter 6.

In the Apple Store the last update was the 18th of May. The one where new team slots were added and several monsters got buffs.



Hopefully they release the black beast on anniversary so i can roll for it :smiley::smiley: