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Ok doggo, before you lock it, at least wait 2 days for me plz.

I live in New York, virus, lock down, online school.

My Spanish teacher is kind of old and she doesn’t know a lot about the web and the google classroom stuff.

So she gave us a quiz, it was worth 100 Points and she posted it.
That same morning, I created 1 copy of the quiz in another tab, and the original.
I translated the copy to english, and answered it on the original.
( I don’t really want to learn Spanish and I was barely attending the class, since it’s well easy for me. It was work I did last year in 11th grade but I wanted to play another game instead of wasting time on a quiz with work I did last year.)

So I did the quiz, made sure I got some answers wrong to remove suspicion.
When I went to check the grade XDDDD

I got a freak!n 67% ON that quiz dudes!!! It was based on ser and estar verbs, not hard but like I said, I didn’t want to waste time.

Well to conclude, I have just 2 words to describe how I felt when looking at my grade.



What a coincidence, I am reading it while my online class, that too of psychology is going on

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