Wait or spend?

I’ve heard the anniversary is coming soon and I’ve collected some gems, at the same time there some really cool monsters featured in the actual eggs. Should I wait for the anniversary or spend the gems right now?

Personally i’d wait, because the odds are 4% for legend instead of 6.1. Depends on how many gems you have though. I have a feeling that the SE featured is going to be really handy soon…

Its just 50 gems.

Imo one roll for the mythic is unlikely, so you need to really want the legends. It’s your call, but i’d wait for better odds and better eggs. (Which is what I’m doing)

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I would rather wait, but when I saw the Revenarchion I made this topic.

I don’t get why the legends are not at 6.1% drop rate. If anniversary egg is like that it will be disappointing.

DO NOT crack an egg now. Wait for Anniversary.

I think Anniversary will be 6.1 as it’s a festival. Same with Halloween

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maybe they will make it 10% for the celebration only? :3

It’s good to dream.


Thanks for your advice, I’m going to wait for the anniversary.

In fact, there is no notice of the anniversary until now. They said that there is a new version at the end of September, but none of them, I am really waiting for death.

You might be confusing the next update with anniversary. Anniversary always comes around the end of October. :ok_hand:t2:

I mean that the notice of the anniversary egg pool details has not come out until now. :微笑:

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