Tunnel of Takran

This topic is for all the players who are stuck at the ‘tunnel’ between Varsek and Takran.

There are 2 things : 

  1. a tunnel and a cave are different things.

  2. a tunnel does always have an exit!

If those two things didn’t helped you any further then listen to this:

When U enter the tunnel for the first time U can go 3 stairs down right? But because it’s a tunnel U need to have an exit and if u go down 3 stairs isn’t it logical that u need to get up 3 stairs before u reach the exit? 

In other words : 

First go down 3 stairs then look for the other stair up and go 3 stairs up ! U will finally get to the other town.

And the town u started the tunnel in looks the same as the town u enter in when u clear the tunnel.

I hoped this helped!