Hey thought it would be worth sharing…

The only change for this and another player in Master is simple the kami… But not many people in here plays only on the kami… I tried take it as far as i could and this was a good combo. There is one other guy running this team, cant remember the name but its nr2 china guy…

The combo is easy you have to let the other guy hit you twice and then sacrifice your vortexor and osiriswyrm then your Rajin comes in and gives you the ekstra turn… And then haste to the end of the match stun/statis. Yeees people hate stego and kami but when you have it Why dont use it… The last 2 weeks i been playing With kami in the back and for no use… So this combo Can take Down any team if you keep stunning the new incoming ark. It happens that your oppenents gets a turn but the only threat is a vegi vs stego or triphoon vs kami With ba… So you should have a bigger chance than the other guy…

There are other ways if you get banished in first move, then it comes Down to vegi stego grem and you have the low tu… And its not bad to have a kami in back anyway. The biggest counter is shadowstalker when it scoaps but if your lucky you might get a ba so you take S’s and chopper out… = 95% win if you dont screw the combo up…

After vegi it just comes Down to heavy hitters, and by that time you should have taken out more than enough… + made the other guy screw up he’s combo…

Thought i share where im at right now… When there come better arks i Will put something Else instead of supports…

Havent tried the win streak yet but im sure if your combo gets going they Will have a hard time winning sig only 3-4 hits on you… Its possible to win without using from vegi and Down even if the other team have destructor,Ss,Moss, and all that…


Using Stego+Haste+Kami its like using dtego+charcha … I played a lot against you, sometimes I was about to win , maybe with luck maybe cause u made mistake… But several times you used this strategy and i wasnt able to move. So i don’t really see the difference from you and stego/charcha users.

Im not offending the best player of the world ahah just saying that for normal players like me that dont have kami or ss , there is no difference between your strategy and charcha/stego. :slight_smile:

There is a Big difference from my stun team to a stego-char… I use 1 flash bomb? It is not unbeatable … If i get vortexor i lose kami and its a normal stego combo? Almost every player have vegi and Can counter it…

Yayaa… I see it looks alot like but this is legit and works better…

Lol i just dc 1 minute ago against you man. I wasnt able to move ( as i said) and u got also 6 bonus action from stego.

Ba wont matter to this combo… Atleast not in the start… The point is it counters many things…

You’ve failed to set it up against me a bunch, haha. It’s not too hard to counter if you screw up his setup by killing Raiin or Vortexor, guys/gals. :wink:

Yeah realized that if you kill 1 of the fronts it wont fit perfectly… But if i change to minoblast its harder to kill then its samesame…

this combo is the one who gives me a lot of trouble. There is an other alternative without Kami and SS

Donstun I played someone with that set up, I used end bringer on his first three and he stuns me then kills my terror fish and his angelon and stego have half health and I use earthforce, he DC pretty quickly :smiley:

What are you trying to say…?

You play With 2 dark arks infront? Its hard for my angelon not to make a kill… Even With illuminate lol.

Yeah you Got some good hard arks infront but what if i had a even further counter to take Them Down… Like vegi

I leave because i made a mistake by killing your terrorfish when i could have knocked it back With gremknight… But people in here doesn’t Think to know Real strategy when put right infront of Them.

Anyway good match^^

Ty. I try to make weird set ups Incase I do get lucky to counter one like urs(sorta).
U probably could have won if u kept going because ur SS and triphoon could probably be buffed up and then destroy my team. My only chance would have been gigarocks last stand move :slight_smile:
But yeah good game :smiley:

Put roidguard instead of stegospike, haste kami, and you can summon many droneguard ( I can summon between 15-25 droneguard), if opponent get a turn, just heal with angelon and continue summoning with the haste of gremknight, when the opponent take down your ark, a haste on gigarock and let’s go for sacrifice! (also scorpionix near the end is good since he have sacrifice too) ! or just use “call shadow” that’s really annoying for opponent if there is droneguard everywhere in your team haha

^what if ur team got scrambled with 30 drone guards D:

I did that to someone with Kami who tried to perma stun me. However, then they got drones at the most inconvenient time and I permastunned them back :wink:

30 drones guard is 3000 TU :smiley: you can scramble team but it’s will be very hard to beat, you have to take the advantage of battle since the beginning or it’s a loose

If you simply replace Charc in the Stego/Charc lineup with Roidguard, it’s pretty easy to pull off.

This is more a kami/roidguard since there is no charca and no stego… But yeah if you want :wink: