Time to travel and train...

A curious girl looks your way, she seems somewhat excited… You think to yourself: “It’s kind of weird how she keeps staring at me.” Shaking off the awkward feeling, you and your monster companions turn the other way. “Let’s go!”

As your leaving, you hear a voice calling out to you… “WAIT!!” Before you have the opportunity to look over your shoulder… you are tackled to the ground. “@$&#!”, You look to see who it is, and realize it’s the girl from before.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just got really happy when I saw another trainer walking around here!” Staring into her deep blue apologetic eyes, you can’t help but feel nervous and annoyed.

“Lady, that was really uncool! You really should be more careful! Now get off of me! Your making me really uncomfortable!”

Suddenly, before you can say anything else… The young girl begins squishing you with a hug that feels more like a choke hold. “I’m so sorry, I promise I will make it up to you!”

“I know! Why don’t I cook something nice for you. And we can talk and sing songs and braid each other’s hair… And we can be friends for ever and ever and ever…! :-)”

Before you have the opportunity to object, you pass out from the lack of oxygen. The last thing you see, is your body being dragged away by a creepy cute girl.

“Why can’t we all just be friends?! >;-)”

Friend code: 88804082

I was imagining a very short skit… but popped out something weird instead. :slight_smile: I’m looking for some friends on Neo monsters, add me if you dare. :slight_smile: lol.

this scenario seems somewhat similar to the one at the start of re:monster

Slowly, she creeps up behind the unsuspecting prey…

(Terrorfying isn’t it?)

With a cheesy grin she jumps in front of you…

Well, hello there! :stuck_out_tongue: