The Friend system needs an Update

The Friend system has been a staple in video games for decades and has been used in many ways; invitations to guilds, chatting/ messaging, and many others, yet Evertale has made little to no use of their Friend System!

My request to the Evertale Devs is for a more useful and meaningful Friend system, one in which friends can Chat and message each other, See each other’s Friend Code, and have friendly battles! By implementing these abilities into the Friend system, the game will become far more enjoyable, attract more players through more immersive gameplay and build a stronger community in the game.

If you’re interested, My friend code is: 2D3M25C

Make it so we can deny all pending friend requests at the same time, like the “claim all” button except for rejecting people.

I don’t want to be any of your friends, stop adding me after you use my Rizette.

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