Team building help please


I dont know mate what dose he need ?


What he is basically trying to do is teaching you how to make a team instead of asking every time (though there is nothing wrong with that). Typical Zardecil. Anyway what does revanarchion do? It hastimestrike and double bloodcrave so it is a sweeper and I would place it behind a shocker, nut it’s revenge is useful. The noxegg is weak so I would have a protector around. So your line up would be:

SE Protector

This is NOT an fl. Just an example.


I thought that was what he was doing and verry much aprecate it is it better two use we protectors then or let’s get what you mean with that iv been haveing him out and havei g a stun entrance one come out next


What do you mean by shocker that’s what I don’t really understand how two categorise un obveous monsters ie emerald geartyrant and soulstealer ones like that


Shockers are basically monsters with shocking enterance. There are three of them and are legendaries. They are


Way too op if you don’t have protection…


I think iv got them so there shockers what about the healers with shocking entrance



I try two use shockers but always get battered by stun counters


I could make you a team if you want… Just give me some time. Also can you give me a list of your SE


Cheers mate at least then i might get what u mean by how two set it up


Any ideas yet mate it’s starting four that I’m struggling with well that and everything else


I feel like I’ve got a lot of good Monsters but none of them really go together


Yes mate i still need help o just cant seem two get them two work together this is prob my most effective team iv got and i need one for PvP more than anything i need two learn what’s best two go with what


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@Ragedreaper you could try a nightrider fl. it consists of night aegis biter and TT.


Get yourself a Galvbane



I am new to the site and have been playing for a couple of months. I am still having problems building a good team, I have listed all monsters below any help would be a lot of help thanks !


How much did you spend on the water festival? Also make sure octo is beside terror


I occasionally buy some gems when they are 2x1 and I’ve gotten lucky gotten several legendaries of that … any team build recommendation?


im not sure i can help you build a team since i dont have the same monsters.
i guess first question is where choco / bitterbeast? you know that even elian can find love right?

could tell you which monsters go well together though:

  • first things first. hurray you have merabyss. he’ll be buffed soon . not bad anyways, just needs some decent setup to make him useful
  • for merabyss, it has stealth entrance, so i wouldnt put it first, could pair it with shoker on bottom of page 1 (4 th from the right) it has purify and stealth teammate. would also need team turn monster. would also suggest you throw in bitter beast since merabyss is sweeper once it gets first 2 kills ( as long as you dont have protector ) could spam raw double bloodcrave for 100 tu. team turn is because your best bet is for it to get first 2 kills with double sneak attack than team turn for 100tu kills … double sneak attack is slow cooldown so almost need to team turn it.
  • inudragon + komadragon go well together. i think koma has duo death wish (easy kill) + blood move . and inundragon can serve for heals. might go well with auto protector so they dont die instantly
  • solblaze is good at dying, not good for much else without lunartic ( it could put a lot of monsters to sleep on death ) would pair it with flutter dragons ( you probably need to eolve them for pair sleep etc. ) could put bomb monster around here as well.
  • chronos is good after shoker giving you either the option to kill off all stunned monsters or fast strike the outliers.
  • sounds like u also got told octo beside terror. dont put poison monsters close to sleep monsters if your mixing teams. bad part about this is that octo has assasinate which is an easy 2 kills if protector is there. protectors are usually upfront if you ask me. so, may just need to move sleep monsters to back 8 monsters. octo has camouflage as well which will protect him from lots of upfront aoes.

You have tons more monsters decent SEs etc, im sure you could find a place for them as well.