Spot the Reference(Game)

Let’s play a little game. I will post some screenshots and you have to find some jokes/references in them. try to find as much as you can. Good Luck!


This is a fun game :
1-Epidemic(our current situation also ghost buster is funny
2-obviously rudolf the red nose deer
3-Moku is goku and mojimojiha is kamehameha
4-DOODOOshark as in that song for childre baby shark doo doo doo doo baby shark doo doo
5_pandemonium+panda also he looks like kung fu panda
6-A rockoid but also The Rock (actor)
7-Sprigolo looks and sounds like picollo from dbz

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Woah that’s nice and also the name pandamonium is a reference to the pandemonium from evertale

How about these?

The first is the name of an aztec god and the other is based on an scp.

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Very good! Here is your Immanuel Kant as a prize: