(spoilers) Found any Bronze shells?

If people want to share.
I found one in bond quests

Monster icon achievements page

My +9 Supershell will crush you this PvP


in the icons section and exchange / super epics.


Super epic exchange shop

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Dual Pvp

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mosnters bond quest


Achievements for garcia

There is one in information centre where we farm for crystals , pyramids

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Go to trainers dojo, go to the last stand tab and wait around 10 15 seconds a shell slides onto the screen

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Wtf how can anyone find that :joy: without a hint

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Where it is bond quest

Go to Monster hunting - click 4 starters page - click more on ultra evolution info tab

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I used a hint and that’s exactly what I thought

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There is one in evolution tab of four gaurdians right in between the pic

So far.

Bond quest
Garcia achievements
4 starters evo tab
Information center (untra evolve ingredients)
Trainers dojo- last stand wait
Dual PvP
SE tab in the shop
Training with makisa side quest
In the “useful tips for new players” news tab
Story events, page with “love eventually” wait.


Found a other one, go into the news tab find the one that’s says “useful tips for new players” its inside the “learn skills with monster dex” it’s a shadow

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Only need to find 2 more lol, will update the reply I made earlier with all the spots.

As Gary said one is in credits can u look for it I am not able to find it

one in other stories on the love eventually page wait 5 secs there