Skull-pixie don't drop from key mission.

12 runs 4 per run = 48 chances of getting at least one of them and I’ve gotten every other type at least 8 times that’s not even counting the seven or more runs I did at the start of the game this has to be bugged or they have a ridiculously low chance unlike the other 5 which combined with the limited monster inventory space has force me too delete at least 30 or more monsters and ingredients.

so if it’s bugged thanks for making me use 6 days worth of keys for nothing can anyone confirm or deny this?.

I have received a few skull pixies

From the key missions or the story missions because I have seen one drop from the story.

Online story and missions

I’ve actually gotten more skull pixies than any other and 0 water ones which I actually need lol.

Same here I get generally get a chance to catch 3 skull pixies every time and then one random other (mostly holy) at the end.  What i really need are all the others…

Then maybe it reads which ones that you need and then decreases there drop rate to 1% or something because not seeing a 1/6 drop in 70+ chances is pretty ridiculous lol.

lol. it’s random. 

That was making a joke lol.

i know, but some people take it seriously and send us hate emails. lol. trying to avoid those. 

its very random, I needed a stormharp for example, I got 10 greenharps and 5 skullharps before 1 stormharp.

I alos have more than twice the number of skullpixies than any other pixies, 10 there, so youve just been unlucky.

Have not scored myself an Aeromid or Skulharp which I need two of each for a week.

Story of my life believe me this is the 3rd game in a row that I haven’t roll a legendary in 4 months of playing the first one my luck is rock bottom.

Nah its random, I got 5 skull but 1 halo, and im dying for halo type

I’ve been in the same boat with Greenharps. One run it’s all Seaharps, then it’s all Skullharps… bah. I honestly think there should be some kind of ‘rotation’, rather than pure randomness, because it’s so frustrating when you fall into these “The RNG hates me” ruts. Maybe make the ‘sure-capture’ pixie/harp/genie/whatever at the end simply switch between the 6 types in a steady circulation instead? That way, you are guaranteed at least one of the kind you need within 6 runs… which is still a lot, but just knowing that the no-go runs aren’t COMPLETELY wasted would ease a lot of the pain.

That’s a very good idea BlackDragon. Lowers RNG, retains mission requirements and difficulty.

The rng isn’t the problem. The problem is the %rate of catch harps and genies. Find the harps/genies you need can be hard, ok, BUT you CAN’T also make the %catch rate 43%! Its very unbalance, because the key system allow to try only 1 time at day. And its sucks a lot. Please rise the %catch rate, and let refull all 3 key in 1 day to make this game more playable. I’m a big fan i trust in you!