SCB death "roulette" bug?

Hey Devs I’m doing Extreme 2 of SCB. Zibs opening death roulette has hit my skele 25 of 25.

That seems unusual…

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I noticed that death roulette and sudden death hit mons actively protecting every time. If I use protect teammates, that mon will get hit literally every time

Interesting. 26/26 now. Ill try not protecting and see what that does.

Yup. After not protect focusing it hit my Revan 2 times in a row and then finally hit its Mech on the 29th try.

So, with protect focus: 26 times it hits skele.
No protect focus: 2x Revan
No protect focus: its team mate.

But that protrct focus thing is pretty Effed. Anyone with zib can guarantee an instant kill if the enemy has PF on.

No, some effects are enhanced for AI’s team.

26 death roulettes in a row? Thats not enhanced. Thats broken…

I’ll call on @Killerdog to check my math, and i recognize that each roullete is a 1/2 chance of hitting my team, but the odds of 26 in a row are .0000015%

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Ive tested it aswell, it always hits my protecters when on the field without fail every single time. I’m not sure if its a bug or they intended it that way. When a Protect skill is active it acts as a homing beacon for Sudden death/Death roulette

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The way these random hitting moves (roulette, but also death revenge and stuff) choose their targets seem to be influenced by some other factors. Monsters with protect appear to get hit more by roulette moves while monsters with camouflage get hit more by death revenge and monsters which are getting their turn next get hit more by dreamy entrance.

I did a bit of testing on this in the past but can’t remember my findings… I didn’t save the results but I did talk about what I found out in a thread about a year ago.

I really wish these RNG moves were completely random, as their description suggests. However, if they’re working in this way by design then it would be lovely for it to be hinted in the description or for us to be given an idea of the chance.

P.S. If you’re trying to face a particular battle like where they have Ziberius and it’s hitting your protect focus each time then try switching your team order around a bit in the front line (same four monsters, but in different slots). I can’t remember if this changes the targeting but I have a feeling it does.

Devs just tweak the rate from 50% to 99.9% for AI. Since it is not 100%, it is just an enhancement. And the official news of rate will always be 50%.

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Haha got it. That makes sense. Just like how gold sleep is “75” (30) % in UC past level 500.

Thanks for clearing it up for me!