Rookie who have no knowledge is here.

Hey, I’m Shay! I’m rookie and semi-retired player of Neo Monsters and permanently retired Evertale player.
I’ve contact support abt I accidentally delete 5 Morselmon in 6th May 2023 GMT+7! Where should I contact abt recovering monsters!? I didn’t hack and cheat Neo Monsters!

I think support might still be on holiday.

Okay. Maybe support answer me tomorrow, right?

I guess Monday or Tuesday, they have to catch up slowly, please be patient.

If you finished the Morselmon story, didn’t evolve Bitterbeast and don’t have the Morselmons anymore, support will send them into your inbox, since they cannot be obtained in any other way.

They need your name and friend ID.

I’ve send them, but support still no responses…