Reward Rockoids

I just saw the rockoid rewards for top position players but I’d kinda wanna have them all without the need of being top 51 or less. Will they be available any other way? I think top 1-50 should get them all, top 51-100 gets 4 of them, 101-200 gets 3, etc…


I think “special rewards” will be unique to each PvP season. We’ll probably get them all somewhere or other.

If I’m wrong then yeah it would be nice to somehow make them all available with time.

Or make them redeemable by pvp coins.

I think it’s like a crown. A trophy of sorts

You can watch their moveset. They’re just unique better rockoids, diamontoid is aegis v.2 so it can be used quite well if you ask me

Games like Rocket League do this already. If you grind to top 50 of course you should get them all!