Why are some of the monsters in my Pedia glowing silver or orange?

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Wait, screen shot that stuff


hmm…ur phone turning volatile?.. :wink:

Are you talking about the background color for the names? If so that’s just kind of a neat way to denote the number of stars. If they have I think it’s 5 or more stars the name will be silver and if they have 9 or more the name will be gold

Why thank you! Yeah, just looked at it and it’s 5 and 9 I believe. Thanks a bunch~

Sure thing :slight_smile:

That I didnt knew!

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Actually i believe that the silver is the highest evolution possible of the family. The gold i am unsure what it is.

I don’t think silver is the highest evolution in the family because both Seadile and Searex are silver

Maybe gold is just 10 star +