Please help

For me left only one monster to catch index is 189 so if anyone know where i can find it tell me. In wiki is written that its on islands next to saban on Cursed island but i cant find it. Thank you.

I think it’s Archeolth or something. The black turtle that can sleep…

yeah its water turtle anyone know where i can find it?

I’ve heard it on the forum but I don’t remember it, maybe someone else knows…

According to the wiki it’s on Cursed Island.

Yeah shomy confirmed it on cursed island

i know that it is on cursed island but where precisely?
because wiki said it is on islands next to saban but i cant find it there

ok thanks
ok thanks

just one more question. its in water, on sand or beach?

Here you go

thanks so much finaly someone who helped me
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kakav imas id u igrici?


dodao sam te