Pershepia icon suck lol

Is unfair see all other icon so pretty
Why Pershepia not? Pershepia is bad like monster at least give her a good icon
@Dev_VKC its possible change it?
Asmodia-The hair rose
Lemon-her wings
Bastia-her Staff
Christine-a beach
Botan Douji-red rose
Why Pershepia dont have a icon with her “special thing”

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Change it for her Scythe,or her tail,her dress,but something good
Not a few lines :unamused:


How dare you.


What i did wrong? I just ask if is possible

Which part of her dress does those line belong

It’s perfectly fine lmao. I like it the way it is.


Purple lines? :joy::joy:
The icon with her face is nice but the other one is ugly af

When astrogolem icon?

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It looks like a pride flag. To be honest, for that reason, I think it’s really nice the game has it


And Shivadragon
And all new myths

You want a pride flag? Give more colors
Not only white and purple
I still thinking that icon is so ugly

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Her scythe is actually a great art…the black rose in it gives the Grim Reaper vibes :skull:
I wish her scythe was an icon


It looks more like the Estonian flag imo :sweat_smile:. We already have the flutterdrake wings for a “pride flag”. I also agree with the OP, it’s pretty strange for an icon.

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hellfox needs one too.

mythic suggestions -

Lime - a lime? or her wings?

Mauve - again, probably her wings

Nikki - Cheese!

Nightingale - ram horns

Onika - tricky one, perhaps her glasses?

Momo - cow horns/cowbell or jugs (i mean milk jugs ofc :flushed:)

Rhinedragon - the Wheel thing.

Mai - her microphone.

Berry - the “ring” would be cool - or a strawberry or something.

Vixian - Staticsphere ball or the flower in her hair.

Wilhelmina - her sword

Iridescezarc - a rainbow “pride” flag is probably better suited to this mon than persephia in fairness.

Ophidiator - lossa options, its twin swords, the design on its chest or its necklace would all look cool in my opinion.

Mechydra - uhhhhh…its claws? idk?


I agree with you
#notpurplelines :joy:

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I like the icon, but if they change it that would be fine too.

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I think it’s super fitting for her to have a sorta-like pride flag. After all:

  1. people who run her in their teams are a minority
  2. she goes super well in combo with another lady

I’m super in favour of Persephia flag

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When will we get the other monsters icon anyway?, i thought more would come on anniversary.

Emm, that’s not what a pride flag looks like…


not enough lions.