New F2P player need some advice ty!

Hello guys before everything happy holidays to everyone ^^ , i played this game for a month 2 years ago and then i saw it was free on the playstore so i decided to download it again just for some nostalgia … i managed to collect 70 gems but i haven’t hatched anything yet because i saw they changed the egg system so i was wondering if it’s worth to hatch the christmas’s eggs or the new year’s or to save up for some other event i don’t really know what to do please give me some advice :slight_smile: ! Ty

This festival provides a higher chance of hatching legendaries unlike the usual weekly eggs .
If u think one of these eggs has most number of legendaries you desire , just go for it . Else you might want to wait till Valentine’s .

The only one i want besides the mythics that apparently are new and they seem op i would like jingledragon but i don’t know… btw ty for the answer!

Out of the two eggs now, Christmas egg definitely has the strongest monsters in it.

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Glaciaron is amazing for pvp, gyomurai is also pretty good, blitzdyr is good for pve, and bloomeluga is fantastic for both. Christmas egg is probably the one to go for.

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Save your gems, go get yourself a galvbane


But we r living in the Age of mythics ! Galvbane is probably way more older than I am

Showing your age now Prof! Living in the age of Sherloid… your grandson is correct. Easy 59 TU bloodcrave charge.

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In the end i hatched 2 limited packs of the christmas egg and found 1 legendary which is Gyomurai and everything else epics and super epics.