New account vs old account.Need your vote.

So,I started a new account and egg hatching went pretty good.I need your help on which account I should keep playing on.
My old account is in list view icons and the new one is on team build icons.

Old account:Level 32,Grand four (4th)
New account:Level 16,Grand four (1st)

Vote in the poll or comment below.

Thanks in advance,


I would play the new one, it’s nox vs tenebris shadowwyrm and nox it’s a no brainer imo

That’s what i think too.Thanks for your answer,sir! :) 

Is my team fine tho? 

Yeah new one. Shadow with new ss is tops and tenebris has shadow double!

Should I ultra-evolve Shadow first?

If you have 2 ingredients I would do both together. Tenebris is not really good without being evolved. If you only have 1 set of ingredients then yes shadow first then tene
Also I would focus on evolving galv as he is a must. Also Kong and viri are really good.

And then you can move on to other monsters u have.
And sorry for late reply. :blush: