neo Monsters youtubers?

Hi all, im newbie in the forum, but i really got love fot this game, who have youtube channel fron this game?

Wahab,mophiese,husamgaming are some really good NM youtuber there are more you just have to search for it :slight_smile:

I vote for Rise of the alpha Jacksale and TFA mai for youtube views :laughing:

Wahab is a good one, I also like “wahab2”, where he do. a very good Job with mostly the normal monsters :slight_smile:

He told me he will take a break from this game. So it seems we wont see him playing neo monsters on youtube for a while.

I also make YouTube videos! I don’t have as much content as the other but if you want go check me out!!

Thanks all for u answers (: ill subscribe to all, im not a Pro player but i doing my best for me hehehe this is my youtube channel only for this game, subscribe and comment ill do much better my vídeos :3

Hahaha ill try bro

Iirc, ItachiUchiha had a NM youtube account. But due to restore code incident, he probably quit for now. Not sure when he would continue tho.

Hirry: what happen with him? Check my channel bro

Well. Itachi accidentally reveals his restore code in a video and all of his monsters are deleted by an anonymous d-head except helldactyl and starskie. He told about it in the forum. Kinda heartbreaking for him.

Also. Maybe i would

I’m sure some good streamers would help with recruiting new players into the game!

Is there a app to stream from Handy to twitch?
Or to another website ?
I haven’t stream before

I’ve recently started to upload some pvp videos. If you’d like to check them out, feel free to do so :slight_smile:

These are great man! Learning a lot thanks for posting

Nice vídeo light, ill suscribe to u channel

Guys check my Last vídeo, im not a Pro xd

light i liked u vídeos but i dunno why u dont upload more t.t

i found you on YouTube few days ago and subscribed. U doing nice job. U have great monsters list

I’m uploading pvp videos actually, been waiting for the next pvp event. Maybe I’ll upload some friendly battles if I have some interesting ones :slight_smile:

u should join trainers lounge to fight with all of us and upload it!, its always fun fighting u, unless u sleep lock me with 1 sleep all of course