Neo Monsters Clan thread


Hi Buck

Can you remove LR and we have formed a new group. Let me know I’ll send details.



Just need who to contact, requirements and anything else you want to tell new people.

Drop those here or by pm and I’ll update the op


LR had been removed, TNB has been added


Can someone please add me to the neo monsters global chatroom . my line id is “simzbaid”


NMF has been added


Noice, thank bro :grin:


I have 15 legendaries (never bought gems), rank 148, improved a lot in last 3-4 months( mostly by watching YouTube vids of RNA Lightgm, RNA Sulnatic , hellion olliver, KLF Asther) apologies if spelled any name wrong
will love to join a clan :slight_smile:


You still looking for a clan?


Buck… could you update KLF adding we have a facebook page where we usually upload news and content in spanish?





you’ll have to change the z19 contact to another member as I’ve quit neo now buck temporarily put someone like Gary or supah until they decide who they want as contact


lord HYDRA*
Yea, you can put me in there


@Buck in all seriousness put me as the contact person.

Z19 GaryOak




Hey guys, playing since ~2 weeks. Looking for a clan. Have to learn a lot. Would be nice if a nice clan could be my mentor. I’m sure we will have a great time

Greets wolfpack


You will try RAF


Are always welcome to TNB



I am an experienced player who has been playing for 2 years. My rank of hero is at 155, I own 22 legendary of which 6 at level 9. I just unfold this forum and I would be interested to integrate a serious team with which I could exchange good advice.

Thank you



My hero rank is 57. I’m looking for a friendly clan and need advice for a bunch of SEs and legends that I got from 12 anniversary packs :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance


Hello roomissary,

I think you become a happy player in Z19,
We are a funny clan with good players in different ages and everyone of us is helpful.

It is up to you which clan do you want:)