So guys, alwsys when I want to go on OnlinePvP i got kicked back to home screen. When I try to fight against a Friend via Inviting, this message appears :“InviteRejectedMessageKey” !!
Please help me I really want to fight again​:city_sunset::night_with_stars::city_sunrise::statue_of_liberty::sunrise_over_mountains::sunrise::fireworks::stars::milky_way::sunny:️:palm_tree:

Try force closing the app via multitasking and have your friend do the same and try again. If that doesn’t help, try checking your Wifi or Cellular Connection, if it is to low, the system may have a hard time establishing connection. 

Yes, but i have no connection problems, cause with safari i havent any problems :-/. And i tried all the rest…

Maybe it is on the friends end then, because “InviteRejectedMessageKey” means that they rejected your invite or it wasn’t received properly

That happened for me, i don’t know, when i updated to new ios the same asmy friend and tried, then it worked. Took about three hour to update though.

Oh ok :slight_smile: