my PvP code

8559393 is my PvP duel cod

specialy want to fight with lochi,Z19 Supah vegeto,RoA Acheron,F2P zard and some more RoA and NMA

Your code expired. Can you give a new one?


Gg, good job not getting insta-gibbed by banedragon :slight_smile:

zard sorry but i forgot to change team.can we do it once more



It expired.

At some point may I battle you Zard? :slight_smile:

4927731 new one

Still didn’t work

this time you send code ok zard

Sure :slight_smile:
Lunar: 7770660

it expired

Try the second one
Gg again


I can fight if your on now

yes y not

Anyone on I want battle??

anyone want a match