Luxknight recipe...

So I have done all the quests and to my knowledge have gone through every single tunnel yet I still don’t have the recipe. Any help.

There is a thread in where’s that monster that contains all recipes and how to get them

Bee there still nothing.

No ur lying lol, its obviously there haha even the first post in that thread contains the locations of the luxknight recipe

Well no I’m not lying I went to the caves in the de island and still nothing. Dont accuse me of things I’m not doing. Instead you could be like Tiberius and try to help a fellow player even if there is someone who has already answered it I’m having trouble finding it alright? S don’t accuse me.

Just go back through all the cities again and check for quests. You’ll have to backtrack a bit, but there is a quest you missed somewhere. If you’ve been paying attention to the in-game text, you should recall a quest chain about three bandits that you keep kicking out of their hideouts. After you chase them through like a dozen caves, they’ll hand over Luxknight.

Or u just have it already but dont have the arks for it