Lagging Issues

Lately my gameplay has been lagging for the past few weeks. When I first log on it’s fine, but after a couple of minutes it lags, and a lot. The frame rate is extremely low during battles, which can be very annoying. As of my internet connection, it’s fine. My iPad runs smoothly with other apps that need good wifi and a good supporting device.I hope you can fix this issue I have.
Thanks, Noah

I have the same problem

Anyone still having this problem, or is it just me? If you found a fix, please let me know

I have the same problem. It started after i updated my ipad. I hope they can fix it because it takes so long to fight battles with all the lagging :confused:

Same I play on an iphone 5 and I’ve had really smooth gameplay until about a week or two ago, both online and offline. Internet connection has been good so I don’t know why it lags. Please fix :frowning:

My game is so laggy it’s almost unplayable. Is anyone from the game devs going to reply/fix this?

I’m still having the problem. I’m guessing the devs aren’t going to fix it, are they?

I have seen the bug before and I don’t know what it is. I believe it is phone related, because deleting and reinstalling the game doesn’t work(this means that redownloading the game and resetting the code doesn’t have an effect on the bug). It isn’t account related as starting a new account doesn’t make it laggy.

All of this means that it must be an OS bug, a hardware bug, or something really weird that is beyond the dev’s control.

Not much they can really do I’m afraid. :frowning: