How awaken unique monster?

How awaken an unique monster ? exept tunderdragon

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Get additional copies of that monster. Then go to fusion - > awaken tab and sacrifice those copies to fill the yellow dots on top right of monster info

Ok, but how could i get additional copies of unique monster ®?

I mean, i know how awaken a character, i want up my “Voltgolem”, a unique monster found in act 1. i never had a unique monster when used gemmes, never had in friend boost, and in act 1 unique monster seams not repop. but Voltgolem as all other unique monster have the 4 awakening slots. someone can help me?

Summoning monsters with soul stones

The unique monsters from act 1 can’t be awaken. As far as I know. Once you captured them I didn’t find another way to find multiple copies of it in the bushes

Strange, because they have the slot

To my knowledge, the only ones you can awaken would be the Shockling (you can get 4 copies in the training dojo) and the Noctursus (you catch the first one as a Nocteddy in the beginning then you find the evolved Noctursus later on in the fae forest). It’s a shame. I would have wanted to at least keep my Levintoline and Voltstruct relevant in higher levels.

You can find Nocteddy copies in the fluorite shop