Has anyone else had this happen

I was running one of the dungeons and had 4 tickets left and ran a 4 ticket dungeon, then when I finished instead of having 0 tickets left I had -4. So I thought maybe it was just reading wrong so I waited to see if the tickets would go to 1 instead of -3 when it replenished one, you know just in case it was something that would just work itself out, and it just went to -3. This really sucks because now I will have to wait an extra 30-40 minutes on top of the long wait it takes to replenish tickets. Anyone else had this issue before?

Currently -2 OMG

Yes it’s a bug I did one 7 ticket dungeon and lost 14 tickets.

sorry, guys, we are aware of this issue, trying to find a solution. perhaps this only happens when your ticket count = tickets needed to enter? is this the case for everyone?

No I had full tickets when I did it.

thanks, is this happening to you every time or once in a while? have any idea what is causing it (patterns) ? sorry about the issue. 

happened to both mine and my friend’s account yesterday. After a normal dungeon run, tickets number goes to negative.