Good old neo monsters account for sale

Moderator edit:
Do not buy or sell accounts. It is against ToS. If you buy then they can always take the account back by entering their restore code or log in and delete all the monsters.

If anyone is thinking of buying it don’t buy it. It could be banned account or maybe a hacked version of game where you can capture enemy monsters.

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Its neither a banned nor hacked account. It’s my personal account I’m using since 2018. I’ll record and show video proof to anyone who wants to buy. I’ll play Pvp or Pve event and show monsters stats in video.

It’s a legit account dude

@Killerdog lock this thread.

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I’m selling my ACC here’s my code

Whatever price OP is selling their account for, I will sell you a much better account for cheaper then whatever you are quoted, PM me after you’ve PMd @jamie with a screenshot of proof

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