Gimme my rare gems :( -island-

So i got screwed Over because the event ended at 3 AM instead of 8. 4 wins from the gems…Screenshot_20180516-024802

Just because i wanted one last draft. Anyone else think its stupid that the event ends right After a draft? Finaly got an abyssraider in it,too.

Also the draft IS do broken, 10 redrafts 0 decent legendary,yet i have to fight athrasis,tenebris and magmarinus :confused:

The timing of the drafts depends on when you collect your first draft. Sorry to hear you didn’t quite make level 300. Abyssraider isn’t actually any good because the damage from Detox Blast is small (it’s tiny against buffed enemies).

I pushed from 300 towards 400 hoping to get an extra 5 gems. My win rate fell off a cliff so I ended up at 386, just 3 wins away at the end. It happens to all of us at some point!

Yeah well i made 2 mistakes : i started with à Poison team which became obsolete super fast (stupid deathgazer) and i thought deo dragon was good (cant even remove half the enemy health in 1 charge) but he was the only thing i got After 10 redrafts of Legendary. Also the first draft was at 3 AM so i’ve spend thé entire event with a shittier team than most (even had to stop cuz it was 6 vs 10 at one point)

I did that too. Completely forgot poison would be useless :frowning:

Well now you know not to make that mistake again.

Don’t be fooled by legendaries with “killer” moves either. You need them to have blood moves that are reliable to charge or something else which is very helpful to the team.

Emerald FTW lol.

I got whilrwyrm too which is basically useless since no camo but some ppl got torrentide so i managed to draft all the trash