Game Interface

I think it is time to leave this old ugly and forgotten interface, they should improve it a lot, put it at the same level as the Evertale interface, make it beautiful and access many things more easily … at least I think so. @Dev_VKC


Why change it now after 5 years :joy: that doesn’t make much sense to put in the effort for such little reward. Why not ask for new content instead?

A good interface always acts as a hook for new players, if they come and see that old-fashioned interface they will probably take away their desire to play … at least that happens to me


I agree completely. The interface is badly out of date and could use some crispier textures!


I like your reason. I can understand your idea and get behind it

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I support it

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What interface are you referring to? Battle, menus or both?

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It’s a shame that such an attractive game is lagging behind, especially in interfaces, presentation and development, they only care about bringing out new monsters and nerfing them when they should modernize the game more and give it more attractions so that more players get fooled and don’t leave it. due to lack of motivation.

Very good point! Next time please make a new thread about it instead of reviving an old thread!