Festival Recommendations

What do you all do regarding buying eggs? I’ve been getting back into the game with a new account and have a new festival limited every day so far. Are these worth it, and do they happen all the time? Didn’t know if it was better to spend some gems on them just because of the increased drop rate of legendaries and super epics. I’ve been pretty lucky with them so far, but didn’t know if I should keep with doing them or not.

Pro tip: Pay attention to when the anniversary egg ends and the Halloween egg starts before making your decision :wink:

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Sorry, not quite sure what you’re getting at. My bad if I’m just having a dull moment!

Sigh ok go get yourself a galvbane


if you have the opportunity to do it every day I advise you to do it myself I started the game again on a new account and every day I did everything to get my 40 gems it was difficult but in the end it was fine helped I didn’t finish the festival but I managed to get 7 legendary for all the days that I did so to start it was really worth it