Elements chambers BUG?

hi guys i did this Event 5 times… And i cant get the Prize from archievements… Why?

I hate to point out the obvious if you know this already but are you definitely clicking the “get moalith” in the middle once you’ve done all four challenges? When you click that it should immediately add it into your rewards bit of collection.

Were any of your 5 completions before the achievements appeared? Because the ones before don’t count.

He means finishing this on line event 5 times… asking for the 5 gems bonus… not for the rock head

Gems bro… Gems…

Gotcha, I misunderstood “achievement” as “reward”. Makes total sense now! I wondered how someone could’ve done the event 5 times and still not know how to claim the moalith XD

Did someone get the achievement for finishing Chamber of the Statues 5 times?


Me and dont get anything…