Does this current festival have good exclusives?

So once again, I’ve finally earned 50 gems, and I’m waiting to try my luck at getting some strong exclusive monsters(though it’s not likely). Does the festival going on right now have good exclusive monsters which I should try getting in a limited pack or should I wait for a different event?

This festival has one amazing and one crap featured. Dont roll until you have 300.
Unless you dont have many legends in that case roll and good luck to you.

Staticsphere will get an amazing buff one day. You heard it hear first!

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Well I probably wouldn’t get anything special during any other event, so I might as well try during this one.

So I just got one of the exclusive legendaries, Holycub. My 1st ever event-exclusive monster! Please tell me this is the good one…

Congrats angelion imo is by far the better one

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whoa nice luck man
he is definitely one of the best legend right now
with crazy passive and strong skill set

Well that’s great to hear! I’m really excited to use it on my team!(though I’ll probably have to figure out how it works 1st)Thank you all for the help!

Pair it with a protector and a sweeper. Good idea would be horror and angel, if horror is in hg, use angel secret skill to sacrifice horror and you’ll get another angel. :slight_smile:

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Your opponent will get another Angel.


What? Seriously vkc? -_-

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if you backstab horror the enemy gets geo or warg, by extension angel will do the same. it’s been like that forever.

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DAYUM @Dev_VKC hitting them with some knowledge