Connectivity Errors - Unable to play


for the last 2 days I got the error message, that I was „not connected to any network“ when trying to enter Evolution or Fusion. Other areas like shop, event, mercenary, battles, etc. were accessible but Evolution and Fusion would ALWAYS give me an offline-error.

I also tried to re-install the game, but when I entered my restoration code, again I got an error message

I have tried with wifi and without, but nothing works. Now I cannot even restore my game or play it

I can enter the restoration Code and it gets accepted. Then the game sends me back to the start screen and all I get there are error messages

Directly before the error the game tries to synchronize something

If your storage is pretty close to being full on your device try freeing up some space and trying again. I was having an issue with game not loading after using a restore code and clearing out some space seemed to fix the problem.

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Can’t be it, I have 30GB free :confused:

Someone from the staff look into this please

You should contact support via the email address it gave you:

The forum is a place to get help from other players.




Be careful not to use any Ron Swanson quotes @Boiler

You might get a warning.

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He probably was warned for his nick already