Cold heart

Is it possible to obtain him now? I’m new ( started about 4 days ago) and he looks so amazing

Yes you can obtain him from golden eggs for right now only. Maybe later on they will release him. Good luck on the eggs

Dam alright thanks man

If you would of started playing when the game was released you could of got the first stage of cold heart for free =p but that was only for the first week

Yeah I know its a pain to not get it right away for free haha but u can always get it indeed from the golden eggs

I wish ark trading was possible, then I could share the rare arks with others and help out a lil bit 

Just got one from an egg best day ever he is lv 30 and is way stronger than all my other arks that are lv 30 as well

Coldheart average stats lv 30: 500

Blizzard average stats lv 30: 300


Of course, it’s a 9 star ark lol