Chamber of statue

Now that we are into the second run of the chamber of statute, I am curious to know if the super epic form will fuse with one you already possess and gain an additional bonus.
The game notes do not confirm nor deny this possibility, but if anyone can confirm this I would appreciate it.

I would presume you just get another one
But you can test it if you want and find out if they fuse

I can’t take that chance if it doesn’t fuse. I was hoping somebody might have already done it.

Why not put effort into getting super epic potions from the dungeon event and then you don’t have to worry about trying to get +1

I have and I do, but my team doesn’t cut it in the higher floors. I don’t have hundreds to dump on the game either, so I’m trying to be thrifty by improving 1 monster that fits in the team…

So, once you beat all 4 chambers, is there a fifth battle involving all 4 of them or something, or do I just get the Moalith right then?

Only 4

Does anyone know if you have a 4 start Starter but haven’t ultra evolved it to 5 - and you use a potion Does it use epic or super epic potions?

it takes epic potions, so naturally, that’s undoubtedly the best place to put epic potions, since they’ll end up going to super epics.