Bug with price battle s

I Clean all my battle , but i don’t Win price “Nubis” ! Anything have a same problem? When i click in area i have à message " you can"t play anymore you Win all your challenger"

Did you press the claim prize button?

I can’t… When i click on arena , i have à message directly " you haven’t more challengers"

Hmm weird maybe go to the pvp rewards (it’s a suggestion)

Thx but they change Anything :s
The but it does n’ont change :confused: ! What si the adresse to contact support?
Sorry for my bad english, i’m french

Salut ibanez, as tu essayé de chercher dans tes tout premiers monstres ? (lvl 1 ) c’est toujours dans les tout premiers monstres qu’il apparaissent.

The claim prize and next opponent buttons are in different spots.Look around the screen,you can easily overlook obvious things.

@ byebye oui j’ai bien regardé partout , je pense que c’est un petit bug du jeu :s ! Il faut que je contact le support…
@ mozzy i try all possibility and i have the same problem … My fault is when i finish battle s , i Wait 8 hours before take my price , and my opinion is , du ring this Time the game blocked arena. It’s just a bug … I need to contact support to report this problem . Do you know How to contact support?

It’s a known bug

It’s a crappy bug, but it’s known.

I cannot stress this enough:  Reenter the town after you claim an arena reward, or, if you’re out of town, warp to a town.  The game doesn’t save unless you go into a town.

Of course, I can’t blame you… the game never makes that clear. But I did put up an announcement. Still, not everyone goes on the forums, yeah?

Sorry to hear it, Ibanez. : (

I haven’t seen you announce
I played yesterday and I go to other cities, suddenly the game save …
I haven’t solution , n0 ?

The announcements generally are at the top of each Subforum
That said, you’re kinda outta luck on this one

If it’s any comfort to you, you can get it in gold eggs. So it’s not entirely unobtainable

I had no idea so many people on here spoke french