Bottled fairy dust?

where to find Bottled fairy dust?please

  • Once a week in the “Power Up” section (One Day for every Color).
  • You can also find them random in Storymode.
  • Events -> Nagis Adventure -> Shop / limited event till 16th April.

story mode what act?ty.

No Idea, i’m rushing through this.


You can get it from the power up quest more specifically gold quest. Please do remember it doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a drop.

Another way to get it is via nagi event by utilising the nagi coins (15) to get the ingredient.

Hope that helps.

I bought everything at nagi event for Bottled fairy dust,I miss him 2.
3 days that I try in found elsewhere i will try the golden quest.thank you.

I just saw that the Bottled fairy dust gets at every level crossing