Does anyone know where i can find a electric bottle in the online misson without spending a silver key

Chapter 2
Air Ruins

It might take a few runs to find one.

Thnx dude found it in my first try do you know where i can get electric harp

Don’t think you can find harps in dungeons yet. Chapter 5 allows you to find lamps, while chapter 4 allows you to find pixies

Chapter 4

Storm Temple


This one will take several tries unless you’re lucky. Finding one is rare, catching one is even more difficult.

Pixies are in Chapter 3. Harps in 4, Genies in 5.

However, finishing Chapter 4, Hidden Temple’s Dungeon drops a Dark pixie most of the time. Don’t recall pixies dropping in the other temples in Chapter 4.

Oh i see, thanks for the info! Was farming the hidden temple so I didn’t really know.