black screen bug

Ive been playing for a few days now and starting yesterday when I do story missions my screen goes black and the game freezes. I have to hit the power button to exit the game and force the game closed. Then I have to restore my save. It doesn’t matter what story mission I do it happens every time. It doesn’t happen when Im just exploring or anything else. I really like the game so far, this is just kinda a progress ruining bug for me. I was just wondering if this is a known problem and if so is there a fix or workaround.

Edit 1

I tried to play again today and its still happening but now the ultra evolution quests wont work either. So anything online doesnt work and just gives me a black screen. Plz help I really want to play more of this game.

I’ve never heard of that before

Im playing on android if that helps. Also is there a support ticket I could fill out.