Armageddon 2 Tournament

I have notified him and suggested to play his last 3 battles. He is on Discord as well, it would be good if they contacted him

@Xyzencross Tell me when u will be free in the weekend
Friday evening/ Saturday afternoon (IST)would be good for me (actually i will be free 24x7 frm Friday going home)

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There are just 5 full days left in this tournament. The only losers are the ones who don’t play their matches :sweat_smile:


@LemonSqueezy I finished my matches against Prem and Xyzencross going 3-0 against both



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Lost to aero 1-2. @cantera lers play our match buddy


Lost to @cantera 1-2.


Thanks for the update!

Scores and remaining battles


2-1 Yakuza Vs TNC God Zeus
2-1 TNC God Zeus Vs Aeronomatron
2-1 TNC God Zeus Vs Tanbeer
3-0 TNC God Zeus Vs Cantera
3-0 Tanbeer Vs Yakuza
2-1 Tanbeer Vs Cantera
2-1 Tanbeer Vs Aero
2-1 Aero Vs Yakuza
2-1 Cantera Vs Yakuza
3-0 Aero Vs Cantera

Group 2

2-1 Raghnius Vs Xyzencross
3-0 Raghnius Vs Kirisune
2-1 DMG Prem Vs Raghnius
2-1 DMG Prem Vs Xyzencross
2-1 Duck Vs Raghnius
3-0 Duck Vs Xyzencross
3-0 Duck Vs Prem
3-0 Duck Vs Kirisune

Remaining Battles

@pREM vs @Kirisune
@Xyzencross vs @Kirisune

Group 3

2-1 Pollito Pio Vs BVN
3-0 Pollito Pio Vs Kiran
3-0 Destroyer Vs BVN
2-1 Destroyer Vs Pollito Pio
3-0 Destroyer Vs Kiran
3-0 Destroyer Vs Darkside
3-0 BVN Vs Kiran
3-0 Darkside Vs BVN

Remaining Battles 2

@DarKsidE555 vs Pollito Pio/ Kingstun
@DarKsidE555 vs @Kiran_Sawant1


2-1 Lemon Vs Senpai
2-1 Lemon Vs TNC Nero Chaos
3-0 Lemon Vs Purple Heart
2-1 Lemon Vs GMagic
3-0 GMagic Vs TNC Nero Chaos
2-1 GMagic Vs Senpai
3-0 GMagic Vs Purple Heart
2-1 Senpai Vs Purple Heart
2-1 TNC Nero Chaos Vs Senpai
2-1 Purple Heart Vs TNC Nero Chaos

Group 5

3-0 Keets Vs TNC Chaos
2-1 Keets Vs Gary Oak
3-0 TNC Chaos Vs Eklypz
3-0 TNC Chaos Vs Gary Oak
2-1 DonT Vs Keets
2-1 DonT Vs TNC Chaos
2-1 DonT Vs Eklypz
2-1 DonT Vs Gary Oak
2-1 Keets Vs Eklypz

Remaining Battles 1

@NMEGaryOak vs @EMI_Eklypz


2-1 Sherlock Vs Dracarys
2-1 Rocket Vs Dracarys
2-1 Rocket Vs Sherlock
2-1 Squinty Vs Sherlock
2-1 Squinty Vs Dracarys
3-0 Squinty Vs Rocket
2-1 Sherlock Vs EMI Yay
2-1 EMI Yay Vs Rocket
2-1 EMI Yay Vs Dracarys
2-1 EMI Yay Vs Squinty

Group 7

(Deathlord matches 3-0 due to quitting Neo)

3-0 TNC God Ares Vs Tavaray
3-0 TNC God Ares Vs Raven
3-0 Killerdog Vs Tavaray
3-0 Killerdog Vs Raven
2-1 Killerdog Vs TNC God Ares

3-0 (2-1) TNC God Ares Vs DMG Deathlord
3-0 (1-0) Killerdog Vs DMG Deathlord
3-0 Raven Vs DMG Deathlord
3-0 Tavaray Vs DMG Deathlord

Remaining Battles 1

@Tavaray Vs @raWen


@Yay should be available tomorrow.

@NMEGaryOak i can play you tomorrow if you aren’t still stalling?



i meant “busy” :innocent:

I can play you tomorrow evening in PST @EMI_Eklypz what time zone are you in

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GMT. it is just past midnight here


Lol what time do you wake up in the morning @EMI_Eklypz

4 days remaining until the points are totalled up!


i can play you at 4pm or 5pm PST? cus who needs sleep?

(obviously if you can do it before midnight my time it would be preferable as well)

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If I could give a bonus point for this level of organisation, I would!

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Dew it!

@Kiran_Sawant1 Are you able to play today?

Also, how can I reach Pio/King?

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