Anyone knows the moves of the week 2 OM ark?

Anyone knows the moves of golemios? 

So far as I know, it has army earth and mysticbane, if who knows all its moves, please share them  :lol: ~~

I heard about : army move / mistic bane/ draco bane


Fang break too

Fang break aswell, i need this ark :smiley:

Oh wow hes got some good moves. I really hope i can get him

Dracobane and Earth Army alone make this a GREAT ark… Its going to RIVAL the wind heavy setups that we’ve been seeing lately. Perhaps Saphireon is even more playable now. 

I’m new to this forum I got it. It knows mystic bane x2 noidbane x2 brashburst x1 army fist x3 and fang break hope it helps. :smiley:

His offense is not anything compared to most other army arks IMO

He’s still good though. Just tankier. And his fang break is much stronger than other arks
Like twice as strong

Mysticbane is a welcome relief to deal with Shadowstalker, however :wink: